Voluntary Medical Insurance

Local Medical Insurance (healthcare services provided in Ukraine)

Local Medical Insurance offers medical and preventive healthcare services from healthcare providers located in Ukraine. Healthcare providers range from State hospitals to the best private clinics in Ukraine.

Medical Insurance Programs range from the standard “Emergency” program, which provides private ambulance and emergency medical care, up to tailored programs providing the full range of medical services.

The following medical assistance can be provided:

  • Emergency ambulance
  • Hospital and home care
  • Dental care
  • Medical examination
  • Provision of drugs
  • Pregnancy support and child birth
  • Therapeutic treatments and more

A wide network of medical institutions provide the necessary services through Assistance companies operating on the whole territory of Ukraine.

International VIP Medical Insurance (access to healthcare providers worldwide)

Beside local medical insurance, we also offer International Medical Insurance from the best providers. International VIP Medical Insurance gives access to top-quality health care in Ukraine or, at your choice, in any hospital anywhere in the world.

These programs offer a wide scope of services for medical diseases and conditions, including those which are usually excluded from the local health insurance cover:

  • Cancer treatment and HIV/AIDS drug therapy,
  • Transplant services,
  • Local air ambulance,
  • Prosthetic devices,
  • Home nursing after in-patient treatment,
  • Rehabilitation  (in-patient, day-case and out-patient treatment),
  • Consultants’ fees and psychologists’ fees for psychiatric treatment,
  • Costs for treatment by therapists and complementary medicine practitioners and others.

An insured person is freely able to seek treatment anywhere in the world and has access to an international’s network of over 10,000 participating hospitals across the globe. Our partners for international health insurance are BUPA International and CIGNA (previously known as Vanbreda).

In order to get a quote for CIGNA international health insurance, please contact us or use our online quoting tool.