Frequently Asked Questions

How does an insurance broker work?

Insurance brokers aim to match the risk to be covered by the insured side with the most optimal coverage among the available solutions. In our philosophy, an insurance broker is not just a transaction based middleman but acts as an advisor or consultant on risk definition, risk assessment, contract conclusion and claims handling. At EUROP Insurance Brokers, we facilitate your decision making process by providing you with possible solutions for your insurance coverage in a way that is easy to understand. We also provide full support and advice during the claims settlement process.

What is the added value of insuring your risk through a broker?

In many cases, companies do not have their insurance specialist within their organization since this is costly to maintain and may not always deliver the best possible results in terms of insurance coverage. By working with brokers, you will leverage the experts in their field which will allow you to find the most suitable coverage for your risk in the market in the most effective way. In addition, in case of claims settlement, we observe more and more refusals by insurance companies for indemnities of claim amounts to the clients contacting them directly. This may be due to incorrect filing of the claims which would give the insurance company the reason to refuse the claim payment. Working with a broker, you will be correctly advised through the whole process of claims handling in order to receive the fair amount of compensation of your loss without unnecessary delays.

How does EUROP Insurance Brokers differentiates itself from other brokers in the market?

At EUROP Insurance Brokers our philosophy is to combine our expertise with customer centricity in order to provide tangible value for our clients. We are experts in identifying the real needs of our clients, searching for a solution among the best insurance companies in the country and getting the best conditions for our clients for the particular risk. We at EUROP Insurance Brokers, strive to build long term relationships with our clients in order to become their insurance solution partner. Our multilingual staff, with experience in international companies, is capable of handling requests in various languages, making it more comfortable for our international clients.

How do I file a claim and how does EUROP Insurance Brokers support me during this procedure?

In case of insurance claims, EUROP Insurance Brokers will be there to support you to cope with this difficult process and minimize your hassle. We, at EUROP Insurance Brokers, will liaise between our clients and the insurance companies to facilitate the most fair indemnity settlement. Our specialist will be your single point of contact and we will handle all the necessary work with the insured company.

How do I pay for the services of EUROP Insurance Brokers?

EUROP Insurance Brokers strives to find the insurance offer with the highest value for you or your company. Our philosophy is to offer you the price which is not higher than what the client can find in the market. Our expenses which we bear will already be covered within the insurance premiums and compensated to us not by our clients but by the insurance companies.