Commercial Motor & Fleet

What can be insured?

Company road vehicles or fleets of road vehicles, namely:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Buses

What is the insurance coverage?

The insurance policy can cover all risks or, on client request, only a selection of risks.

Insurance risks

Damage due to accidents  Any damage or destruction of the vehicle, its separate parts or additional equipment as a result of an accident. Theft  Misappropriation of the vehicle by theft. Loss due to other events  Damage or destruction of the vehicle, its parts or additional equipment due to acts of third parties (including the theft of some parts of the vehicle or additional equipment), natural disasters, fire, explosions, animal attacks, fall of objects on the vehicle (trees, snow, rocks, billboards, etc.), damage by stones and other objects which flew out from under the wheels of other vehicles, and as a result of other random and unpredictable events. Third party liability Civil liability for damages caused to property, life or health of third parties by the accident that occurred on the fault of the driver of the insured vehicle.